Tuesday, 13 January 2015

8 Things To Do Before You Get Married

Getting married can give you jitters and make your knees weak. It seems like an end of an era and a beginning of something completely new. Hang on, take a minute to look back and introspect about things you wanted to do as a bachelor.  Here are top 10 things to do before you get married.

   1 Go on your dream bachelor trip.

Cliché but true. There’s nothing like one crazy insane trip with your mates as bachelors. It is the last time you would be hanging out with your friends sans your partner.

      2. Be accomplished.

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One must not think about settling unless they have achieved their career goals. It goes for both guys and girls. Just because you’re a girl and you are 25 does not mean you have to get married! Find your passion, be ambitious and never stop trying.

    3. Learn how to cook, Irrespective of your gender.

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So you thought cooking is only for girls? For a modern age working couple, it is important for both the husband and wife to know how to cook.  

    4. Revive your old hobby

     When was the last time you picked up your guitar or rode on your old motorbike? Dust those old   paint brushes and relive your long lost hobby. There is nothing better than reconnecting with oneself.

     5. Live Alone in a Different City

   There is nothing like living alone in a city where no one knows you. Learn to live without your             parents and experience independence.

   6. Spend time with your Parents

So you’re all set to get married and start a life of your own. Remember to spend quality time with your parents and seek their advice before going onto a new journey of your life. Let them know you’re still going to be there after marriage.

  7. Call up an Old friend

  Reminisce your school and college days. Get in touch with an old peep and talk over lunch or
  dinner. Catch up and discard the old grudges you have holding on for so long. Share your happiness!

   8.  Take a Solo Trip

 The best way to spend alone is to gateway one weekend alone and experience things that shall        remain with you only.  Some memories that will be solely are yours. You will discover more about    yourself in a matter of few days than you have ever understood in your lifetime.

By Sonali Kapoor

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  1. Totally agree with this article, before we step unto a new phase in life we should enjoy the current one fully...