Monday, 5 January 2015

7 Things found in every Indian Wedding

Each Indian wedding brings with itself renewed energy and enthusiasm. While, each of them different from one another in every possible way, there are some common trends, rather traits that remain omnipresent throughout! Here are the top 7 Things found in every Indian Wedding.

1.       Gossip Girls


Each wedding brings with itself, a strikingly bright group of hyperactive aunties. They are seen analyzing every aspect of the wedding from clothes to food to decoration! A dash of drama and spice making sure the wedding is the talk of the town!

2.       Under-Age Uncles


The energy with which the uncles do the “sapera” dance during the Baraat is contagious! Hands down they steal the show and add the fun element into the wedding!

3.       But first, Let me take a Selfie!

Let alone the photographer, everyone becomes an “Ace cellphone” photographer! Selfies with the bride and groom are a must! Some intellectuals might be caught doing “food photography” and uploading on Instagram. #weddingfood

4.       Hungry Kya?

Every wedding will have that one child who always looks out for the waiter. The round chubby cute child has eyes on the food being served and the “chicken-tikka” he has been waiting to gorge on. He cares nothing for his clothes or the ceremony. Food is his ultimate nirvana!

5.       Hassled Dad and Hyper Mom


The bride’s father and mother remain the most hassled until the ceremony is over. They put up a big smile on their face to greet the guests, shout on the decorators, caterers and musicians. Disprin becomes their best friend until it’s all over!

6.        Complain Box

There will always be one aunty or uncle who will sit sulking at one corner during the wedding because “Humse toh kisine pucha tak nae” ! All relatives gather together to make up to them and shower them with extra attention.

7.       Delusional Bride and Groom

They remain the most oblivious, sleep deprived and tired. The bride and groom paste a smile on their face throughout the celebration and by the end of it are the most delusional. Try asking them about what happened during the wedding and thy would be as surprised as someone else.  

By Sonali Kapoor

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